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Festive event at Montrose Academy

Hetty Haxworth event


Pop up event at Clay Half?

A fascination with pottery led me to evening classes at Arbroath's Angus College in my late 20's, those led me to further leisure classes at Springfield Creative Arts pottery studio in Arbroath and a year full-time studying art at Dundee & Angus College.

Now some 20 years since it all began, I sell my pottery in a few local retail outlets, have been teaching pottery since 2016 and am about to open my own pottery teaching studio, Clay Half, in the town centre of Montrose!  I've lived here since 1998 and it has become my second home town.

The support from Fran (SpringfieldCA), my husband David and the kids and many enthusiastic and supportive friends and family, as well as the fabulous Scottish Potters Association, has led me here! Endless thanks to you all x

Welcome, I am potter based in the north-east of Scotland, in the seaside town of Montrose, Angus.

Working in my garden studio since 2014, I have been selling my work locally through markets and exhibitions since 2016 and in local shops since 2018. The pottery I make is inspired by the sea and landscapes around Montrose and Angus.

I make mainly functional pottery using stoneware clay, my main wheel is a manually powered original wooden Leach treadle wheel and I use an electric wheel when I'm using different clay or a particularly large piece (too much leg power required then) but I do use my Leach wheel for almost all my main white stoneware work. My kiln is electric, and a reliable method to be able to produce work to sell locally. And I am fortunate to be involved with a group of potters from across Scotland are learning about firing the wood kiln we built in 2021.

Over the years since I began my pottery journey at evening classes in 2002, I have focused on refining my functional tableware range in terms of form as well as glaze combinations which are largely inspired by the surrounding Angus coastal landscape. I continue to broaden my pottery knowledge with experience of alternative firing and making techniques through workshops with the Scottish Potters Association and working with local pottery friends as well as my involvement in a wood firing group.

I have been teaching pottery since 2018 and having been based at the lovely space that is Springfield Creative Arts studio in Arbroath, I will be taking over my own premises in Montrose from October 2022, at 55 Murray Street, formerly The Blue Door Gallery. Classes will be available for beginners and intermediate level students with details to be found on the Classes page in due course, the studio aimed at being a location for pottery and other art classes and will be called the Clay Half. I have named it after looking at a historic map of Montrose, where an area of land on the west of Murray Street, which was marked as Clay Half, while the area to the east of the street was Sand Half.

Angus Creatives is a new group that has formed over the last year and is providing a great way of connecting with other local makers across Angus from many different disciplines. Currently there is a Festival of Making event taking place across the county, I am based at the Montrose hub which is the Montrose Playhouse Cinema, from 20-28th August.

I'll also be taking part in North East Open Studios (NEOS) again this year which runs from 10-18th September 2022.

At other times of the year you are welcome to visit me in the pottery or at the Clay Half studio, just get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Thank you

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