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55 Murray Street, Montrose DD10 8JZ

(formerly The Blue Door Gallery)

in October 2022 I opened a pottery studio in Montrose town centre, to enable me to teach more locally! I'd been teaching pottery in Arbroath since 2016 at Springfield Creative Arts and opening the Clay Half in Montrose has been a great opportunity and new adventure. Montrose has been my home since 1998 and providing a venue for pottery and creative classes for those in theThe town and surrounding area is something i'm really proud to do.

As well as there being ceramics classes at the Clay Half, I hope other makers and artists will use the space for their own creative classes.

If you're interested in either pottery classes or using the Clay Half for your own classes please email me at with an outline of what you are thinking of or looking for.

Current classes running at the Clay Half can be found at

The name of the studio Clay Half came from the historic map of Montrose, as you can see the west side of the main street was known as the Clay Half being on the side closest to the tidal basin and mud flats, with the east side being the Sand Half closer to the beach. When i was looking for a name for the studio and came across this nugget i knew it was the perfect name in many ways but especially as it linked with local historic landmarks and pottery and my first job as a cartographic techinician. Meant to be!


Clay Half - the area of land referred to in historic maps of Montrose to the west of Murray Street.
As a former cartographer it had to be!

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