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Welcome to Irene Hughes Pottery 

My work mainly involves the production of handmade tableware from white stoneware clay. My garden home studio is in the heart of Montrose, a small seaside town on the east coast of Scotland. The decoration of my pottery with slips and glazes reflects the influence of the seascapes and landscapes that surround me.

Involvement in the firing of a community wood fired kiln has enabled me to evolve this area of my work. With each firing I've been involved in I gain more knowledge and understanding of this incredible process, it is a great way to learn and to experiment with forms, clay and decorative effects as part of a group.

I'm also delighted to be the owner of the Clay Half, my pottery studio in Montrose town centre. Bringing pottery to the town it is a space for people to have a go at being creative, learning pottery and other creative arts. For information on classes click here.

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